FR clothing handles heat & flame — even the cold -

FR clothing handles heat & flame — even the cold

flame resistant clothing can be a life saver. The fabric used to make flame resistant clothing fights the destructive effect of flame and therefore is highly recommended for people working in this kind of environment. FR Clothing keeps them well protected during their time at the workplace from the external dangerous.

” if an employee works in enviroments where fire, heat, and electrical injuries are a real possibilities – the ods are better.

they must be wearing flame-retardant clothing “

When you’re shivering in the snow, the dangers of heat and flame probably aren’t the first things that come to mind. But even in cold weather, thermal hazards such as arc flash and flash fire pose a serious concern. In fact, when winter brings dry air and strong winds, it can literally help fan the flames.

One of the most obvious ways to combat the cold is to bundle up in extra layers of clothing. But in environments where thermal hazards are present, it is important to ensure each of those layers is flame resistant (FR). A non-FR jacket worn over FR clothing can ignite and burn, injuring the wearer. On the other hand, an FR jacket worn over an FR shirt offers an extra layer of protection.

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