FR clothing for Welding

FR clothing for Welding

Why does a welder need FR clothing? As a welder, fire is something they deal with every day at their work. For a welder, there is a huge risk of serious injuries during their tough work. So, to protect our welders from being hurt, Forge FR brings Fire-Resistant clothing for our welders.


What is FR clothing?

FR clothing is those clothes that you can wear in your daily work routine for comfort and safety. The purpose of wearing FR clothes is to safeguard the welders from fire, burns, heat, electric arcs, and more.

Why welder should wear FR clothes?

The sparks and heat from which a welder fights every day of their work, need protection and comfort at work, so for protection and comfort, a welder must wear fire-resistant clothes during their work to get ultimate protection from fire, burns, heat, and harsh conditions. For safety and for a comfortable move every welder must wear fire-resistant clothes.

Comfort and Mobility

Comfort matters for a welder during their work, the welders who spend their long hours at work in protective gear. If they wear fire resistance clothes by Forge FR they get a flexible move with comfort and protection too. The FR clothes provide welders mobility and protection so they can do their work freely.


A welder goes through a rash and tough routine every day of his life. They need durable and safe clothing. Extreme heat and burns can damage the clothes but not the FR clothes because they are made with rugged materials and a mixture of fabrics to prevent you from harsh conditions.

Protection from ARC flash

What is ARC flash? , ARC flash is the light and heat produced from an electric arc supplied with sufficient electric energy. It causes damages, harm, and fire injuries, so to get protected from such injuries a welder must wear FR clothes to prevent these damages.


There is a huge risk of injuries from sparks and heat in a welder's daily work routine. They need gear to protect themselves from serious injuries and from harsh conditions. Forge FR comes with a huge variety of fire resistance clothing for our welders for their security and comfortable move.
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