FR Long Sleeve Shirts

FR Long Sleeve Shirts

The FR long-sleeve shirt is one of the must-have shirts for anyone working in an environment where heat and spark are present. The Forge FR long-sleeve shirt comes with both protection and comfort, making it a necessary part of FR clothing for workers in different environments. The workers who wear long sleeve shirts get a perfect combination of flame resistance, durability, and comfort, and these shirts offer the perfect balance between safety and movability. It’s a perfect combination of comfort and protection. Let’s discuss why FR long sleeve shirts are so important and why they are different from others.


Flame Resistance

The primary function of the FR long-sleeve shirt is to provide a shield to the wearer. The FR property in these shirts acts as a shield from flame hazards, they are made from such special FR materials that are resistant to catching fire, keeping workers safe and comfortable in hazardous environments. The main aim of Forge FR is to protect their wearer that's why every shirt in their collection comes with flame-resistant properties. In addition to flame resistance, the FR long sleeve shirt protects against high temperatures during work. The flame resistance feature is valuable for workers in professions such as welding or manufacturing.



FR long-sleeved shirts are built for challenging work environments. These shirts are made from durable materials that increase their lifespan and comfort, which ensures they last longer than regular non-FR shirts. Forge FR long sleeve shirts are made with durable materials that provide comfort and movability to the wearer at work and after work as well. The longevity of these shirts is maintained by such durable materials which are comfortable and protected as well.


Wide range

The FR long-sleeved shirt is trending and it's currently at its peak. People are now seeking both protection and style in one cloth. So why should they don’t get it? A perfect combination of style and protection for workers as well as for non-workers. Forge FR comes with a wide range of FR long-sleeved shirts with trending styles and protection, some of FR long sleeve shirts are-



These shirts offer long-term cost savings for industries and individuals working in hazardous conditions. These shirts are designed to protect against flame, sparks, and other fire hazards by reducing the risk of injuries during work. While the price might be higher compared to non-FR shirts, these FR Shirts offer durability and protection against fire hazards that non-FR shirts don't provide. This makes FR long-sleeve shirts more demanding and cost-effective for workers.



FR long-sleeved shirts have become a trending and most demanded piece of FR clothing. Forge FR shirts come with flame resistance properties, full arm coverage, comfortable design, and protection without compromising comfort. By investing in Forge FR long sleeve shirts, wearers can work with confidence, proper comfort, and style. Explore the wide range of FR long sleeves shirts with Forge FR.

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