FR Pants and FR Jeans

FR Pants and FR Jeans: Your Defenders Against Fire Hazards

As we know nowadays FR clothing is important for both working and daily wear purposes. Fire, sparks, and harsh heat environments are problems that a worker faces every day during his work. To prevent these conditions Forge FR comes with a wide range of FR pants and FR jeans to protect your lower body with specialized protective gear from harsh environments around them. Some benefits of FR pants and FR jeans.


FR Pants and FR Jeans Defined

FR Pants and FR Jeans are not just normal jeans or a pant these FR Jeans and FR Pants are made with fined materials and stitched by specialized workers so that our wearers can ensure their protection and comfort while wearing Forge FR pants and Jeans. FR pants and FR jeans set themselves apart from regular pants due to their ability to offer protection against fire, sparks, and harsh conditions, something that ordinary pants fail to provide.

Protection against Fire and Heat

These specialized garments are engineered in such a way wearers can safeguard themselves from sparks, flames, and high temperatures. In various scenarios, the workers get splashed with heat and fire, but they remain safe due to the protective gear protective gear which includes fire-resisting pants and jeans to safeguard the lower portion of their body.


Industry Applications

There are various industries where flame-resistance pants and flame-resistance jeans are essential, such industries like 

  • Welding
  • Oil and gas industries
  • Electric work
  • Firefighting
  • And other fire-related work


Materials and Technology

The materials used in the making of FR pants are 88% Cotton 12% Nylon 9 Oz and for FR jeans 95-100% Cotton 12-15% Oz. These clothes are made by experienced workers with the latest technology with UL-certified standards and Arc rating in every FR pants and FR jeans.
Forge FR ensures that the clothes are made to protect and secure our wearer from extreme conditions and in a high-temperature environment, Forge FR clothes are lightweight and comfortable as well as strong and durable for the demanded safety at the work site and after the workplace.

Wide Range with Forge FR  

Jeans Jeans



Understanding these flame-resistance pants and flame-resistance jeans is important in various industries and work environments where fire hazards represent a significant risk to worker’s safety. These specialized FR pants and FR jeans by Forge FR provide a layer of protection, reducing the risk of burns and injuries in the occurrence of accidental fire and explosion. Forge FR creates safer, more secure, comfortable, and durable, FR pants and FR jeans to protect those who risk their lives at work every single day.

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