FR Women’s Clothing

FR Women’s Clothing

When you’re out on the job you need tough durable clothing that will help in performing any bulky tasks. For women, Forge FR offers a wide selection of FR clothing in various styles and colors. Let’s discuss the benefits of Forge FR women’s clothing.

Unique Needs of Women in High-Risk Jobs

It is important to have flame-resistant clothing specifically designed to meet the unique needs of women working in industries with fire hazards. The need for Forge FR women's clothing arises due to unique challenges occurring in different industries and different workplaces.

Fit and Comfort

The Forge FR clothing for women has been specifically designed to ensure a more comfortable fit and provide comfort while working. Forge FR guarantees a proper fit that eliminates any distractions in critical situations that occur due to poorly fitting clothes, by providing women with proper-fitting FR clothing. Forge FR ensures your comfort and protection while working long hours.

Industry Compliance

Forge FR comes with safety standards and regulations for women's FR clothing that are customized for the specific needs of the industry. The Forge FR guarantees the safety of female workers by ensuring safety standards like NFPA 70E and including arc ratings in their clothing. It comes with legal commitments that are essential to ensure the safety of individuals and maintain the organization's trust.

Protection against Fire Hazards

The danger women face in high-risk jobs, and flames, sparks, and intense heat can only be prevented by protective FR gear. This gear can protect our wearer from various harsh conditions and provides better comfort at the workplace. Forge FR comes with a wide range of women's FR clothing for preventing burn injuries and providing comfort.


Variety of FR Clothing for Women’s by Forge FR

Plaid & Print Shirt
Ladies Crew Neck Tee



Women can trust Forge FR to provide them with comfort, safety, and protection while working in challenging jobs or harsh conditions. Forge FR clothes for women are durable and protective as well and come with safety standards and arc rating so that our women can trust and ensure their safety.
Women working in high-risk industries must prioritize their safety by wearing specialized FR clothing designed by Forge FR. Get your FR from Forge FR today!

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