How to Take Care of Your Fire-Resistant Clothing

How to Take Care of Your Fire-Resistant Clothing

Fire-resistant clothes are for anyone working in a potentially harsh environment. FR clothing gives you an extra layer of protection in the event of a fire, but it can also provide peace of mind knowing that you have taken the Forge FR clothing to keep yourself safe. 
FR clothing is made with materials that are both durable and secured.


Understand the Significance of Proper Care

It’s important to maintain fire-resistant clothing to expand its lifespan and retain its protective properties. The proper care and maintenance of FR clothing makes it durable and cost-saving for the wearer. The well-maintenance of FR clothing is essential for ensuring workers' safety, comfort, and durability


Follow these steps from Forge FR to increase the lifespan of your FR Clothing!

Read the Manufacturer's Instructions

Read and follow the care instructions carefully provided by the manufacturers for the specific fire-resistant clothes. The wearer must ensure that he/she reads and follows the care instructions for their specific FR clothes. These instructions are specifically designed for the materials and structure of the FR clothing.

Cleaning Your FR Clothing     

Wash in warm water for heavily soiled FR clothes, and wash at the hottest temperature mentioned on the care label to remove dirt. Use small wash loads, if possible – this helps reduce wear and improve cleaning. Wash FR clothing separately from everyday clothing. Do not use bleach or detergent that contains bleach and do not apply mosquito repellent to FR clothing.
Most FR clothing can be washed and dried at any temperature in home washing machines and dryers.


Regular Inspection

The wearer must routinely inspect their FR clothing for signs of damage and burning from everyday use. The wearer must inspect holes, cuts, tears, and burn marks, especially in joint areas, such as the knees, elbows, and shoulders. Uncomfortable fit, including over large or small FR clothing that cannot secure the wearer properly. Having proper knowledge about how to properly care for FR clothing is essential to ensure its long-lasting durability and effectiveness


Repair or Replace

Repairs of FR clothing must be done by professionals only using approved materials by the Forge FR.
Deciding when it is necessary to repair flame-resistant clothing compared to replacing it to ensure safety. When it comes to safety concerns and protection, it is more advisable to replace FR clothing rather than attempting to repair them from extensive wear and tear.



For proper care of your fire-resistant clothes, the wearer must read the Manufacturer's Instructions, there must be regular Inspection of FR clothes, and proper maintenance and regular care must be there. Following these practices will help to enhance the safety and durability of your fire-resistant clothing.

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