What is FR Clothing?

What is FR Clothing?

FR Clothing or we can also say Flameproof clothing, is made to protect the wearer from harsh environments like flash fires, electric arcs, and combustible dust. This allows a number of industries and workers to handle all dangerous tasks. Over the years FR clothing has saved countless people from severe injuries at work that can be caused due to fire.


The purpose of FR clothing!

The measured purpose of wearing FR clothes is to provide you with safety and comfort at your workplace, where there is a high risk of fire and fire flashes. The primary purpose of wearing FR clothes is to safeguard the wearer from fire, burns, heat, electric arcs, and more.


How does FR clothing work?

The FR clothing is made with durable and soft FR fabric so you stay protected from harsh conditions. In case the wearer catches fire, then the fabric will automatically extinguish it without letting the fabric melt onto the skin. The FR clothes are made of a mixture of nylon and cotton which helps to give safety from fire, burns, heat, electric arcs, and even life loss.


Benefits of wearing FR clothes

The major benefit of wearing FR clothing is that it protects the wearer at work from serious injuries from flash fires, electric arcs, combustible dust, and more, choosing Fire resistant clothing from  Forge FR not only gives you protection at work but also makes you comfortable and stylish at parties or meetings after work.


Industries require FR clothing:

1) Electric Industries
2) Petrochemical Industries
3) Paper and Pulp Industries
4) Welding
5) Steel and Iron Industries
6) Manufacturing Units
Other where there is a high risk of fire.


Forge FR presents a wide range of Fire Resistance clothing like FR Vests, FR Jackets, FR Jeans, FR Pants, FR Hoodie and Pullover, FR Coverall, FR Overalls, and FR Shirts for both men and women, for protection and style. Wearing FR clothes by Forge FR at your work gives you a new aura with protection around you because we have taken care of your safety and comfort at work as well as at meetings or parties after work!

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