Who needs Flame Resistant Clothing?

Who needs Flame Resistant Clothing?

Flame-resistant clothing, what is flame-resistant cloth?
Flame resistant are those clothes that provide protection to the wearer from fire and harsh conditions. Life is the most valuable asset in humankind and to protect the wearer, Forge FR brings a wide range of Fire Resistance clothing.


Occupations Involving Risk of Fire Hazards

There are some industries and professions where there is a high risk of fire and heat such professions are:-

  • Petrochemical Industries
  • Manufacturing & Heavy Industries
  • Construction sites
  • Mining sites
  • Welders and Metalsmith
  • Firefighters

And more fire and heat-involved industries and professions need Flame Resistant clothing:  


Petrochemical Industries

In these industries, they produce organic intermediate products like natural gas, plastic, rubber, refinery products, and more. These industries involve a high risk of leaks of gasses, flammable activities, hot work, and human element risk. To prevent these risks, people working in this field should wear Flame Resistance clothes to protect themselves in order to stay out of harm and avoid major injuries. FR clothing protects the wearer from harsh conditions and hot work that are involved in Petrochemical Industries.


Manufacturing & Heavy Industries

Heavy industries involve the production of massive products, large machinery, equipment, or numerous processes. These industries involve high risk and serious injuries to the workers from the large machinery, sparks, rotating parts, and more. A worker should wear a high visibility jacket and pants made of strong fabric to prevent these injuries and high risk in manufacturing industries.

Forge FR comes with a wide range of flame-resistant clothing with a High Visibility factor inbuilt in it.


Construction Sites

A construction site is a place that involves an area or piece of land where the construction of a building or house takes place. These sites involve huge risks such as working at heights, slips, trips, and falls. These sites work at night shift, which implies that workers must wear high-visibility jackets and pants at construction sites to avoid accidents during their work. While wearing the Forge FR High Vis clothing, a worker is secured about his/her safety with both high visibility and flame-resistant factors.


Mining Sites

There is a huge risk of life and injuries for workers at mining sites. Workers use large earth-moving machines to make pit mines, sometimes miners use explosive dynamites to break up the earth's hard crust to create mines. These activities involve a major risk of injuries and life loss. The worker who works at mining sites must wear highly secured clothes and gear which include high stiffness power, high-vis factor & and fire resistant factor, so the worker can safely work at mining sites while wearing full protective gear by Forge FR.


Welders & Metalsmith

As a welder and metalsmith fire is something they deal with every day at their work. The spark and heat which they both fight at their work is quite risky and injurious for them. To avoid these risks welders and metalsmiths should always wear flame-resistant clothing and gear to protect themselves from the risk of injuries and slight damage. The flame-resistant clothes protect them from the risk of flame, heat, and spark during their every day at work. Metalsmith practice their craft in many different metals which includes heating beyond the high melting point, every day in their work welders engage in battle with sparks and flames with high risk involved. The only way to prevent the high risk is by wearing Forge FR complete flame-resistant clothing and protective gear while working for both Welders and Metalsmith.



The name firefighters says itself a person who fights with fire, heat, and harsh conditions. A huge risk of life and serious burn injuries are there in this profession. They constantly put their life in extreme conditions and danger to protect people. They also need protection and comfort as well, they have a really tough job and to resist injuries and burns during their work they want gear and protective clothes. Forge FR comes with a huge variety of fire resistance clothes for both men and women, so our firefighters can be secured and have a comfortable move at their work.


Choices in Forge FR clothing

Forge FR comes with a wide variety of flame resistance clothing for our wearer with full protection and for a comfortable style, some stylish wears by Forge FR are:-



As we see above there are many fields that require flame-resistant clothes, There are a few more occupations like Electricians, Utility linemen, Maintenance departments, Oil or gas refinery workers, Pharmaceutical workers, Chemical processing workers, and more should wear flame-resistant clothing to protect themselves from injuries and high risk at their work. Flame-resistant clothing ensures protection, and safety, minimizes the risk of life, and freely comfortable move to the wearer.
Care for your most valuable asset by joining Forge FR on this Flame Resistant journey.

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