Why were FR Hoodies invented?

Why were FR Hoodies invented?

Hoodies are an all-time favorite for everyone these days, but did you know that the emergence of FR Hoodies was a very necessary invention in the world of Fire-Resistant Clothing? The FR Hoodies by Forge FR were built to give the protector dual protection against fire as well as cold!

Benefits of wearing a Fire-resistant Hoodie:


1. Protection

The ultimate protection that the wearer gets from FR Hoodie by Forge FR, is not less than a great discounted deal! It protects the workers from chilly or cold weather as well as fire and fire hazards which makes it a perfect choice for people working in factories or fire-prone areas!

2. Multi-purpose

The FR Hoodie by Forge FR is not only workwear but an item of very versatile clothing, as it gives dual protection and can be worn as stylish clothing at work as well as after work in meetings, parties, or casual outings!

3. Safety from fire

Fire and fire flashes are common in risky areas like factories, Chemical Plants, Oil Refineries, Gasoline Stations, Manufacturing Plants, Warehouses, Printing Facilities, Woodworking Shops, Laboratories, Underground Mines, etc. During winters, to avoid risky injuries and life loss and get protection against fire, the FR Hoodies by Forge FR are a perfect choice!

4. Comfortable Wear

FR Hoodie by Forge FR is very comfortable and gives easy movement, unlike other bulky winterwear garments! It is one of the most stylish as well as comfortable fire-resistant winter wear which gives the wearer free movement to work with ease!

5. Maximum coverage from the Hood 

The FR Hood gives extra protection by covering the entire backside of the neck as well as the head! It gives the wearer maximum protection from both heat and cold at the same time!

6. Styling Option

The latest designs of FR Hoodie are a great option for people living in cold areas and working in fire-prone areas! It is very stylish clothing as well as gives ultimate protection likewise!

7. Minimised Risk

The risks associated with open flames, electrical sparks, and heat-related accidents are minimized when the workers choose to wear the FR Hoodie by Forge FR! This gives a feeling of safety to the people working in fire-prone areas!

8. Important part of personal protective equipment (PPE)

The Fire-resistant Forge FR Hoodie is essential clothing for workers in risky and fire-prone areas! It is the most efficient and effective choice of workwear and stylish clothing!


Fire-resistant hoodies by Forge FR were invented to give a very versatile styling option for people working in cold climates as well as risky areas. These fireproof hoodies cover the entire upper body including the neck and the backside of the head of the wearer! The comfortable movement and the highly durable fireproof material give ease of movement at work and make it a very stylish choice to wear after work! The emergence of FR Hoodies was very important for modern-day workers, to give a very safe and pocket-friendly clothing option.

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